Youtube com activate enter code from television

Feb 5, 2022. let’s manage video viewing from different mobile gadgets.There is one a very useful stuff in YouTube tuning. So the subject of this article is how simple functional can make our activities with video spots more easy-going issue. You need just one magic activation code from TV menu: take it, enter to your gadget and enjoy unlimited control from remote device.

The YouTube application should be installed on the TV. Then the translation function will be accessible for selected videos from mobile gadgets to the big screen. If the application is missing, it should be added to the TV.
So, the main topics of the current guide are listed below:

Find our table of contents for today:

YouTube on the TV how to enter code from TV how to enter code from phone smart TV

Youtube com activate Roku

Youtube com activate Xbox One

Youtube com activate Amazon Fire TV

Youtube com activate Kodi

Youtube com activate Apple TV

How to use login and account setup enter code

YouTube on the TV

To watch YouTube on your TV via the iOS or your Android smartphone, we use the official free service app.

Install the YouTube application

You can download and install YouTube for smart TVs free of charge through the official app shop on the TV menu (Sony Select for Sony, Samsung Apps for Samsung, Smart World for LG, App Gallery for Philips), as well as it should be installed on the tablet or phone from where the videos will be translated. However, YouTube usually comes with a set of pre-installed widgets and is visible the first time you call the smart menu.

Even if your TV does not support Smart TV, you can use additional features on it using a network media player such as Chromecast. An excellent alternative to the built-in functionality, besides, YouTube is included in the package.
Now install the Youtube application on your phone, it can be easily found in the AppStore for iPhone and iPad or Google PlayMarket for Android devices. The same can be done for the owners of the Sony PlayStation and Xbox consoles.
Now the important thing is to log in to your account on each of the devices involved in setting up.

Device pairing

To view Youtube on a TV from a phone it is necessary that applications on devices see each other. First of all, it shall be verified that both gadgets are connected to the Wi-Fi network via the same router. It is possible that the devices will find each other automatically, if not, the primary pairing will have to be done by entering the activation code.For Apple devices and for Android devices, the process will look like this:
1. On your smartphone select a video in the YouTube application, start viewing.

2. If the pairing is successful, you will see an icon for the transmission of content in the upper right corner and a blue pop-up information message should appear, offering to start watching on your TV.
3. If you click on this message, a list of TVs available for transmission will be shown below, select your Smart TV or the AirPlay & Bluetooth device protocol.
Basically, video playback on the big screen should begin immediately. If you have a paid YouTube Premium subscription, you can download the desired video and transmit it directly from your device, without an Internet connection.
Sometimes the TV and the mobile gadget stubbornly do not want to “see” each other, although they are in the same network, in this case it is possible to perform pairing via the activation code. This method will be useful also in the case when the devices suddenly “lost” connection after reinstalling the software.
A common sequence of actions for manual pairing:
• Get the digital code on your TV
• Enter code on your smartphone or other device

We get the activation code on TV

For different TV models, the YouTube interface may look different, but one way or another in the menu you will always find the Settings section, where you can get the connection code for your mobile device.
Try to do the following:
1. Launch YouTube app from smart TV menu
2. Go to Settings, usually it is a gear icon
3. Select the “Link with TV code” option. A sequence of 12 digits should appear. PYou can also scan the QR code with your smartphone camera. The QR code method is the fastest.It is worth remembering that with each new request, a new code is generated, including after turning off the TV. Now you need to enter the obtained combination on your mobile gadget.

Enter the YouTube activation code on your phone

To watch YouTube on TV through your phone, open the YouTube app and enter the obtained sequence of digits. This is done like this:

1. Log into your account and open the Settings menu
2. Select “Watch on TV”
3. Click “Enter tv code”In the proposed window, enter the blue code, if desired, edit the name of the TV for faster recognition. A pop-up message should inform about a successful connection.

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Our task is to bring the selected video that you like on one of your home devices to the pre-installed YouTube app on your TV. This requires a simple action: finding the pairing code for the two widgets, and that’s what we’re going to do now.

Here are the ways you can get this magic code to make using YouTube more convenient and entertaining!

First, open the app on your TV, go to the menu and click “Settings”. We need a menu item “LINK TV & PHONE” When you click on it, you will see two submenus on the screen: “Link with Wi-Fi” and “Link with TV code”.

If you choose automatic connection, you will be prompted to click the transfer icon and select the desired device. If you choose manual connection, you need to enter the code manually in the app settings. There is also a way to access the YouTube account through the TV. This is what we need to do:

  • In the TV menu, find the “Sign in” tab and click it.
  • Then go to the “Sign in on your TV” tab and press it.
  • After these steps, the “Sign in to YouTube” window will appear and you can sign in with your Google account.

Youtube com activate: how to enter code from phone

A similar service can be used on any modern smartphone. The YouTube app perfectly accepts the activation code generated by the various smart TVs.

How to do:

  • Get the code in the “Link with TV code” menu, as described above;
  • Open Youtube at the mobile gadget and enter your account;
  • Choose “Settings” -> “Watch on TV” and click “Enter TV code”;

  • Type activation code you have got from TV and confirm your choice;

This link is obsolete and no longer supported by YouTube. Clicking that link will take you to the help section. smart TV

Youtube com activate Roku

Media player Roku provides us many facilities including streaming. And it’s really fun if you are owner of big screen TV with YouTube installed there. Even if Roku supporting of YouTube application is a quite conventional. Anyway you can activate this useful widget on your Roku with help of magic link

So if you wish to use all Youtube’s possibilities on your Roku, just act as said below:

  1. Make sure your model of Roku supports internet access, connect it to network and sign-in to Roku profile there. Or create it, if you don’t have one, and sign-up, it takes one-two minutes only;
  2. Then open Roku’s Home page by Home button of the remote control;
  3. Our next step is Channel Store, choose it and confirm choice but OK button;
  4. Select YouTube from Top Free list then sent widget to Roku channels by Add Channel from menu, wait a bit sometimes it takes a while;
  5. Now you can find YouTube in the My Channel section, open it and sign-in to the account by Gear menu, sometimes Roku can make it through Google profile so it can ask you about proper data;
  6. Same time activation code will appear on the screen further you will have to enter those 8 digits to complete activation;
  7. Time of! Open link on the computer, mobile or other gadget and sign-in Google profile. If it’s opened then you would see invitation for activation code which you have got at previous step;
  8. Now just confirm operation by Allow Access.

There is a good new – you have to do these steps only first time, tuning is saving on your Roku so no limits for further streaming. Enjoy your favorite YouTube videos through Roku, it’s so great really!

Youtube com activate Xbox One

It’s a great idea to use all interesting and adorable features of YouTube on Xbox One. There are only few simple steps to reach to this aim, you just need to create account at Xbox Live or maybe you have one already? Then don’t waste your time, connect to the wonderful world of your beloved videos and streaming right now.

What so you need to use YouTube via Xbox One?

Let’s start from the checking required conditions of your device, you can find them below:

  • First sign-in to your Xbox Live profile or create it if you don’t have one4;
  • It’s needed at the least 83 Mb spare space of the device storage;
  • If your main purpose is a streaming the high-speed stable internet connection is mandatory condition.

Installing process of YouTube to your Xbox is described below:

  1. Open your account at Xbox Live, go to apps section and choose Search Apps command or you can prefer Browse Apps usage;
  2. Look for Youtube application there then select needed icon and confirm download operation
  3. Now you have Youtube in the My Apps and it’s only in one click from you always.

It’s recommended to be authorized in Youtube then you can use playlists or get video recommendations by your personal preferences. Let’s see how you can log-in on your account there:

  1. Sign-in to the Xbox and open My Apps there and choose Youtube icon;
  2. After logging-in on the Youtube you have to find “Get started” menu;
  3. If everything goes ok you will see activation code which Youtube provides;
  4. Then take any other gadget (laptop, phone etc) and open ‘’ link at the web browser there. If your Youtube profile isn’t opened it would ask to do it now;
  5. Put in the activation code that you have seen a bit earlier;
  6. Confirm action and enjoy the result.

Youtube com activate Amazon Fire TV

Even if you don’t own Smart TV there is a way to enjoy Youtube on you television. It’s not so big deal if you have Fire TV gadgets from Amazon: stick, cube and so on. Then you can get this popular application from official Amazon store, it became pretty easy few months ago when Amazon brought back Youtube to the list of allowed services.  Now we will tell what to do further…

How to take activation combination and sign-in

  1. Click to the Youtube icon and app will show your 8 digits as activation code;
  2. Don’t change page till activation procedure will be completed;
  3. Take another mobile device as laptop or phone and ask the voice assistant to open “youtube com backslash activate” or type in its web browser;
  4. Put in your Google login and password when prompted. In the case of few accounts choose right one before

Fulfill the activation procedure

  1. It’s right time to enter code that you have got from Youtube, TV has to offer it now;
  2. Confirm your action by pressing “Allow access” at the bottom of page

Account preferences

  1. Every time you logging-in Youtube would show list of accessible Google accounts and you have to point one you prefer for this session

Well, it’s time to start using Youtube app at the big screen, with Amazon Fire TV you can do it even without Smart TV addition at your plasma screen.

Youtube com activate Kodi

If you think to install Youtube app on Kodi media player you have to understand it’s not so trivial task but it’s a quite realizable issue. If compare with other platforms you need just magic link and few extra steps to reach to this great aim.

Fisrt let’s set up Youtube app on the your Kodi player then pair it with another mobile gadget.

  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Add-ons
  3. Find Repository/Get Add-ons section and press Install there
  4. Go to Kodi Addon Repository then choose Video Add-ons
  5. You have to locate and start install process by pressing proper button
  6. After you can start Youtube app then press Register
  7. Add-on will provide a code, you have to note it somewhere or just hold on the page
  8. Open link in the web browser on your phone or computer and put in activation code you have got before
  9. Also operation system can send you to Google account now, sign-in there as well
  10. It can ask for activation combination too so enter 8-digital code you have seen from Youtube app
  11. Confirm your action by “Allow access”

As with other platforms you have to follow these steps only time, after activation process will be completed your player would save settings and you would enjoy Youtube app on your Kodi every time you wish.

Youtube com activate Apple TV

Many people prefer Youtube to another video contents, this platform became really great and relevant product. It’s not a big problem if you want register Youtube app on your Apple TV but there are some important points which will be opened below. Let’s pair your media player and Youtube advantages!

There are two general ways reaching to our aim.

  • Pair Youtube from Apple TV with another mobile gadget;
  • Pair Youtube installed into Apple TV with computer

Youtube gets regular updates that bring us new and useful features: preview, streaming, fast search etc. It provides best codecs for 4K videos and users not suffer from freezing screen or other surprises of slow buffering.

How to pair Youtube from Apple TV with another mobile gadget

  1. If still no Youtube on your Apple TV it’s time to download it, you can find the app in the official App store, just install it;
  2. Make sure that your mobile (or laptop or tablet) is connecting to same Wi-Fi router as TV does;
  3. Sign into Youtube widget at the phone or other device and head screen cursor within Youtube app on the Apple TV. This action has to lead to automatic search for your mobile gadget, when it finds phone you’ll see a screen message that you have to “tap to begin with TV sign”. Do it!
  4. Select your true account for continue using Youtube and allow access. Next time you would choose account with your name only.

Here we are! Great job! And now we try to do same things about your computer.

How to Pair Youtube installed into Apple TV with computer

  1. Go to Apple TV and select Youtube widget there, log into the account;

2. Turn to computer and open link there (this way is true for mobile devices as well);

3. If webpage asks, do sign in;

4. Now you have to see Google account access page, fill your login/password and get in. If there are few profiles there you have to choose one which associated with Youtube profile otherwise Google wouldn’t allow you to come in;

5. After logging-in you will be asked for activation code that you have got before from Youtube on the Apple TV;

6. Last step is allowing access and after a while you’ll see confirmation in the application too!

Enjoy your video surfing in Youtube.

How to use

To use whole opportunities of Youtube and modern TV models you have to associate widget with your Youtube and Google profiles.

Synchronization process:

  • Open your Youtube account at Smart TV;
  • After pressing “Enter” you have to see activation code;
  • Open at your mobile gadget;
  • If everything has entered correct you will see Google profile access menu, you have enter password then there will be a page for activation code you have got from TV;
  • Confirm the action and go ahead for new control functions;

Youtube com activate allows streaming video from mobile devices and computer. If you correct connect software with TV screen (just make sure that your TV has built-in Wi-Fi module) it should work from any gadget. Of course, Smart TV has to support steam function as well, for example, it’s ok for models below:

  • Smart TV
  • Microsoft
    • Xbox One X
    • Xbox One S
    • Xbox One
    • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo
    • Wii U
    • Nintendo Switch
  • Sony
    • PlayStation 4 Pro
    • PlayStation 4
    • PlayStation 3
  • Streaming media players:
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Android TV
    • Apple TV
    • Chromecast
    • Roku
    • TiVo

Possible problems during activation

If generation of activation code goes in not so right way or you see any error during synchronization process, you can update applications till last version or opposite, go back to previous realise. There are another very effective way – try Smart TV web browser. Most models can work with any web browser.

But it’s better to use Google Chrome for correct synchronization. It’s important to authorize in Youtube same time from the phone and from the computer. login and account setup

YouTube Kids was created for the young viewers, they were given all the necessary tools to safely and comfortably watch the huge collection of videos (education, entertainment, various topics). YouTube Kids is an application, a standalone version of YouTube with the children’s content, there are no age restrictions. There is a wide range of automatic filters for searching videos, there is a system of ratings by recommendations, feedback from viewers, specialists.

To be included in the application collection, channels and videos must meet the criteria for family viewing. The main criteria are to encourage viewers to develop, teach new things, and spark interest in the world around them. The content with restrictions is prohibited. Video clips are reviewed using automated algorithms, and some content is viewed manually. The lists are largely formed from the results of user ratings and popularity. There is no obscene vocabulary, adult videos, alcohol and cigarette ads on YouTube for children. If any unacceptable content is mistakenly added to the collection, the administration will take immediate action and exclude it.

The recommended videos are selected based on search and viewing history. The selection includes videos from the main YouTube collection for children. The system ignores the content that has been objected or blocked. The list of recommendations is created in automatic mode, specialists do not check it. The selection in the application installed on your device is formed after the formation of the child’s preferences.

YouTube Kids has a separate website:, and the content is also available from tablets, phones, consoles, smart TVs.

Setting up your youtube kids com activate account

1. Go to the website Click the button “I’m a parent”.
3. Specify the year of your birth and click the “Send” button.
4. Watch the video and click the “Next” button.
5. Enter your mail.
6. Accept the agreement.
7. Enter a password from the specified mailbox and click “Next”.

Next, you need to create a profile and configure the content. You will need to enter the name, age and month of birth of the child. This information will be visible only to you and your child. Then, if you want, you can change your avatar and click the “Next” button.
After entering age data, YouTube Kids automatically determines the category of videos for your child.
Then you can enable the content search function. This means that the child can watch any video. If you disable the above function, videos from channels verified by YouTube kids experts will be provided.

You can set up an access code in the youtube kids settings to change the parent settings.
The youtube kids app needs to be downloaded from the official website

YouTube Kids how to sign in to an account

If you have set up a YouTube Kids account, we can immediately sync the profile with the TV. To do this, we need to take two steps:

  1. Launch the browser on your phone or computer and go to
  2. Enter the 8-digit code you received in the YouTube Kids app on the TV. enter code

You can also connect your TV to your YouTube account through your browser: It is possible to use multiple accounts in one application and switch between them.1. Launch the browser on your phone or computer and go to
2. On the page that opens, enter the 8-digit code that is displayed on the device. The code on the picture is only an example, you must have a different code.
3. Sign in to your Google Accountt.

So, now you have the most complete information about how to connect different devices to YouTube, do not forget to successfully carry out the procedure TV and the paired device must be in the same Wi-Fi network! Have a good viewing experience!

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